Month: November 2020

Nov 19
Christmas in Covington

Check out our holiday event list for the city of covington!

Nov 19
Will Mortgage Rates Remain Low Next Year?

In 2020, buyers got a big boost in the housing market as mortgage rates dropped…

Nov 18
Chances of Another Foreclosure Crisis? “About Zero Percent.”

There seems to be some concern that the 2020 economic downturn will lead to another…

Nov 17
Homes for Sale Are Rapidly Disappearing

Through all the challenges of 2020, the real estate market has done very well, and…

Nov 16
Why Working from Home May Spark Your Next Move

If you’ve been working from home this year, chances are you’ve been at it a…

Nov 15
Cowboy’ BBQ

2020 been a little much this year? Feel like focusing more on spending time with the…

Nov 06
Making a Home for the Brave Possible [INFOGRAPHIC]

Some Highlights VA Home Loans provide unique opportunities for Veterans,…

Nov 05
Why the 2021 Forecast Doesn?t Call for a Foreclosure Crisis

As the current forbearance mortgage relief options come to an end, many are…

Nov 05
Jack’s BBQ

Jack’s Bar B Q Shack is where it?s at to get your fry fix my friends! This is…