Did you know that much of?our town is listed?on the National Registry of Historic Places?? The National Park Service is currently digitizing all records - when available, we'll post this link.? In the meantime, enjoy some photos from around town.
Newborn, first known as Sandtown, was settled by Rufus Broome, his bride Nancy Pitts of Warrenton and two of her brothers, Nestor and John Pitts.? Documents as early as 1839 indicate the name "Newborn".
Sherman visited us during the Civil War, marching to the sea and traveling the route that would become Highway 142 on November 19, 1864, after the fall of Atlanta.?? On January 24, 1866, a tornado killed four people and injured 10 or 12 others.? For more history information, click here for excerpts from The History of Newton County Georgia.

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